Message to Bears - Small Light

J. Views - Into the light

Royse - Don’t Leave This

Sinead Burgess - Praising God, Raising Hell


Sinead Burgess - Wildflowers of colorado


SHAKEY GRAVES - Nobody's Fool (LIVE From Meow Wolf)

Hammock - In the Middle of this Nowhere

MESSAGE TO BEARS - I Will Lead You There

REIGHNBEAU - Milk of Amnesia

BC Camplight - Just Because I Love You

Seth Fuller, Director of Photography, DP, Cinematographer based in LA, CA (Los Angeles California). Currently working in narrative and documentary feature films, commercials, music video, television, TV, and short films utilizing the latest in cutting edge digital acquisition formats such as; Arri Alexa, Alexa Mini, RED Epic, Sony Venice, F55, Varicam, and 16mm, 35mm film. Find out more at